about us

Hardly Famous was the brainchild of an ambitious, thirteen-year-old who once dreamt of creating a magical movie machine. So that's exactly what we set out to do! We founded Hardly Famous Productions Inc in 2020 on the idea of sustainable filmmaking and quality storytelling. Our goal is to produce accessible entertainment on a reasonable budget. To form our own independent studio. We started with Perhaps, a short romantic drama. And Daisychain, a short crime-drama. Since then, we've got a variety of projects in development, like our upcoming comedic short, Oh What a Night!, currently in post-production. Our short Horror-Comedy, Stuffy, currently in pre-production. And finally, our feature debut, Deadbeats, a coming-of-age comedy, currently in development. If that sounds like a lot, we’re only getting started! And we look forward to growing with you as we set out on this journey together.

our mission

Here at Hardly Famous we strive to capture the same sense of awe that inspired us as kids and carry it forward. To foster a network of fresh talent and voices that help push the boundaries of filmmaking. And to invest in our audiences by placing an emphasis on quality storytelling. In other words, we’re here to make your favorite movies.